Bush kindergarten

DNMK offers a Bush Kinder program in the 4-year-old group to support children’s engagement with the natural world around them.

Bush kinder starts in week 4 of term 1 and runs every Friday through term, excluding the last Friday of Term 4.

Session times 2024

Currawongs: 8.30am-11.30pm

Rainbow Lorikeets: 1.00pm-4.00pm

DNMK bush kinder is held in Burnley Park and is led by the group’s kindergarten teacher and 1-2 additional educators depending on the enrolled numbers per session. Teachers support children as they take risks and face challenges, helping them to develop a deeper understanding of the natural world and connection to the land.

Research has shown that offering children the opportunity to engage with nature in a totally unconstructed, self-driven way leads to “increased confidence, motivation and concentration, increased social, physical, imaginative and language skills (and) deeper conceptual understandings and respect for the natural environment”. (Gill, 2011; Fjortoft, 2004; Malone & Waite, 2016; O’Brien & Murray, 2008; O’Brien, 2009)

DNMK bush kinder handbook 2024

Bush Kinder Delivery and Collection of Children policy

Bush Kinder Dog Awareness Policy

Bush Kinder Emergency Evacuation Policy

Bush Kinder Extreme Weather Policy Sept

Bush Kinder Protective Clothing Policy

Bush Kinder Protective Clothing Policy

Bush Kinder Snake Awareness Policy

Bush Kinder Visibility and Identification Policy

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