Frequently asked questions

How many children are there in classes?
In 2018 the ratios for children aged 3–5 are 1:11. Within DNMK’s 3 year-old kinder program we enrol 20 children with two staff. In our 4 year-old kinder program we enrol up to 28 children with three staff. All other programs operate with up to 20 children and two staff. Improved ratios ensure a higher quality experience and more one-on-one time for your child.

How and when will I be notified of acceptance?
In September of the year prior to your child’s attendance, DNMK will email out letters of offer to families on the waiting list register. Positions are offered following DNMK’s priority of access as per our enrolment policy. Parents are required to respond to the emailed offer within the stipulated time frame to accept the position. An enrolment pack including instruction on completing enrolment will be emailed back.

How do I ensure we get our preferred session days?
After you are notified that your child has been accepted, you will have the chance to nominate your preferred session days. You will receive an email with further instructions to secure your child’s place and nominate your preferred session.

What should my child bring to kindergarten?
The parent handbook has a full list of items that your child should bring to kindergarten with them, including a bag, fruit for shared morning tea, drink bottle, lunch, afternoon snack and a change of clothes to be kept in their bag.

What shouldn’t my child bring to kindergarten?
The main thing is to keep toys and valuable items at home, as they inevitably get lost or broken. Comfort toys and other items for relaxation are happily accepted.

What about holidays?
We operate throughout the year, across 4 terms as per the Victorian School’s timetable.

We understand parents have working commitments; and would welcome you to discuss options with other Kinder parents. Some parents often share a nanny or reduce working hours during the holiday period.

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