Communicating with parents

Regular, clear and consistent communication is essential for building a strong partnership between our parents and educators to support your child on their kindergarten journey.

We use the Story Park application to communicate all aspects of each child’s learning and development.  All parents need to install the “Story Park app” on their device or computer to receive and respond to correspondence from DNMK.

Story Park at DNMK allows:

  • Teachers to provide regular fortnightly reflections on group happenings
  • Teachers to provide daily updates on children’s health and wellbeing where required
  • Teachers to provide updates on your child’s individual learning journey
  • Management to send notices and reminders of all events and updates
  • Parents to engage with DNMK management and teachers on all the above

Email –
Email is used for the distribution of receipts for payments and more sensitive and confidential written communication.

Discussions – As you can appreciate, the beginning and end of the sessions are busy times for children, parents and staff, but staff do like to make themselves available for a chat if they can. If you would like more of a chat with the teacher before or after the session, please ask.

Newsletter – The Dame Nellie Melba Kindergarten newsletter is issued at the end of each term through Story Park.

Other ways you will find we share information include:

  • Parent information evenings
  • Committee Annual General Meeting
  • Parent-teacher interviews at the beginning of the year
  • Class representative to share kindergarten and class news
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