Extended care

The Wattlebirds (Mon–Thurs) and Robins (Friday) programs offer after-care options for parents requiring longer kinder hours for their children. These programs are an extension of the sessional program and provide a nurturing and stimulating environment. They are flexible in their nature and include indoor/outdoor play and special activities run by Diploma trained early childhood educators. The learning experiences provided are reflective of children’s needs and interests, and are therefore modified on a regular basis.

Places in the Wattlebirds and Robins programs are available on a permanent and casual basis (if places are available and paid in advance). Casual places incur a $10 fee on top of the session fee.

Wattlebirds 3-year-old extended care program

Monday–Thursday 2024

  • 1.30pm-5.30pm ($50 fees)
  • Casual bookings incur a $10 fee
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Wattlebirds 4-year-old extended care program

(Monday–Thursday 2024)

  • 4.00–5.30pm ($30)
  • Casual bookings incur a $5 fee
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Robins mixed-age program (Friday 2024)

  • 8.30am–5.30pm ($100) or
  • Casual bookings incur a $10 fee
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