Transition to kinder

Starting kindergarten is a significant time for you and your child, and at Dame Nellie Melbourne Kindergarten we work closely with families to ensure as smooth a transition as possible.

In the lead up to starting kindergarten, we’ll provide information and tips that can be used to help you and your child prepare. We encourage families to share their knowledge of their children to help create a smooth transition into the kinder environment, including building strategies around possible separation anxiety.

Prior to your child’s first day at kinder, we’ll ask you to complete an enrolment form and in the first week we will ask you to complete an ‘All about Me’ form to support our understanding of your child, their needs and interests. We follow up with parent-teacher chats at the beginning of the year (usually in weeks 3 and 4) to gain a better understand your child’s strengths and to develop learning objectives.

Staggered starts

3-year-old Kinder:

Children attending the 3-year-old programs start their first week at kinder slowly.

During the first week of term the 3 year-old kinder groups runs at half numbers. We recognise that this split timetable may present some difficulties to some families but we feel it is important to give each child the opportunity to build good rapport with educators and other children in small groups before having to cope with a full kinder group.  

4-year-old Kinder:

To support a smooth transition into the program we suggest the first two sessions run as half groups. We understand that this may not be possible due to parents’ commitments and your child is welcome and entitled to attend both full days as part of their funded Kinder Program.

Ensuring that children feel safe and secure in their kindergarten environment is a key focus during the first term of all programs. Our educators work to create a warm and comfortable environment and to build strong connections with the children. Where separation anxiety is experienced, we work closely with families on strategies to support the individual child and family.

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