2019 Parent survey results

The DNMK Committee is pleased to share our recent 2019 parent survey results.

Pleasingly, the overall sense is that our kinder is in good shape and there is general satisfaction with the service currently being provided. As always, when looking forward the Committee are searching for ways to improve the service and the key areas are highlighted below.

The responses provided will go toward shaping the Committee’s focus and priorities for the 2020 planning and budget process. The Committee will utilise the feedback from this survey to ensure we are focussed on improving the areas that are a) in most urgent need, and b) have the most impact on our children and community.

Key positives

● When asked which three words best described DNMK, it was very encouraging to see the most common responses included community, nurturing, and friendly
● 71% of parents were extremely likely to recommend DNMK to a friend or colleague
● The introduction of Storypark has been viewed in a positive light enabling parents to easily follow their child’s progress and further, this is perceived as an effective communication channel for the DNMK community
● When asked to select three important factors when choosing a kinder, the top two responses were clearly educational philosophy and our reputation
● The continued appreciation of our wonderful outdoor spaces and how rewarding the experience is for the children

Key opportunities

● We need to further develop the outdoor 3-year-old space with a continued focus on natural elements conducive to our learning philosophies
● Continue to improve the “look and feel” of the kindergarten given we have an older historic building
● Ensure the maintenance and general ‘wear and tear’ of the grounds and building is a focus and appropriate funds are directed to this important area
● Further communicating our wonderful fundraising efforts and subsequent spending. This year we introduced updates via the newsletter, but we could still be more detailed with this approach.

Other highlights

● Most parents found the current operating hours satisfactory and were not particularly keen for an extension (either before or after) to these hours
● The educational aspects of the kinder’s curriculum were given a big tick of approval for their appropriateness and relevance for each and every child in the service
● There was an overwhelming satisfaction with the fundraising team. A few time poor parents suggested asking for donations and being more direct with the kinder’s “wish list” and exact funds required for certain initiatives. The ideas will be provided to the fundraising committee for consideration in next year’s calendar of events. Proceeds from fundraising activities will continue to be directly invested back into resources for our children.

Once again thank you to our wonderful parents for their feedback and we hope that all families continue to be actively engaged in the DNMK community.