There are two 3–4-year-old programs – the Honeyeaters (Mondays and Wednesdays) and the Kookaburras (Tuesdays and Thursdays). Both sessions run from 8.30am to 12.00pm.

There are also two 4–5-year-old programs – the Rainbow Lorikeets (Mondays and Wednesdays) and the Currawongs (Tuesdays and Thursdays). Both sessions run from 8.30am to 4.00pm.

After the kinder sessions parents can opt to utilise the extended-care programs (Wattlebirds) as well as the Friday Robins program.

The daily kindergarten educational program is based on a flexible routine that can be spontaneously adapted to incorporate children’s current individual ideas and interests,  Children are given long periods of uninterrupted time to explore both the indoor and outdoor environment. This allows children time to initiate their own ideas and facilitate their  learning resulting in  new skills and knowledge, greater satisfaction and motivation to learn.  The educator’s role is to guide and facilitate children in their play to support and extend their learning.

At DNMK outdoor play is highly valued and staff are passionate about the importance of children experiencing and connecting with the natural world first hand. The importance of building positive attitudes towards sustainable values and practice is strongly promoted within the children’s educational program. Children are empowered to make a difference to the world around them and concepts relating to water conservation, recycling, compost, gardening, and care for and respect for the natural environment are integrated into the daily program.

DNMK’s educational programs and practices are guided by the Early Years Learning Framework. Linked to this is also the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework.

3–4-year-old program

Honeyeaters: 8.30am–12pm, Monday & Wednesday or

Kookaburras: 8.30am–12pm, Tuesday & Thursday

4–5-year-old program

Rainbow Lorikeets: 8.30am–4pm, Monday & Wednesday or

Currawongs: 8.30am–4pm, Tuesday & Thursday

See the extended care options.