The Wattlebirds (Monday–Thursday) and Robins (Friday) programs offer after-care options for parents requiring longer kinder hours for their children. These programs are an extension of the sessional program and provide a nurturing and stimulating environment. They are flexible in their nature and include indoor/outdoor play and special activities run by Diploma trained early childhood educators. The learning experiences provided are reflective of children’s needs and interests, and are therefore modified on a regular basis.

Places in the Wattlebirds and Robins programs are available on a permanent and casual basis (if places are available and paid in advance). Parents can choose shorter or longer sessions depending on their needs. Casual places incur a $5 fee on top of the session fee.

Wattlebirds 3-year-old extended care program (Monday–Thursday)

  • 12.00–5.30pm ($45)
  • Casual booking rate 12.00-5.30pm ($50)

Wattlebirds 4-year-old extended care program (Monday–Thursday)

  • 4.00–5.30pm ($20)
  • Casual booking rate 4.00-5.30pm ($25)

Robins mixed-age program (Friday)

  • 8.30am–4.00pm ($70) or
  • 8.30am–5.30pm ($80) or
  • Casual bookings rate 8.30 am–5.30pm ($85)

Testimonials from parents with child/ren enrolled in the extended care programs at the kindergarten

“Daniel loves Wattlebirds and we really appreciate all the time the educators put into making it such a comfortable and fun-filled experience for him.” Sharon

“I cannot be happier with the Wattlebird program – every time I pick Jack up the atmosphere is so relaxed and home-like. The structure seems to be quite flexible, to follow the natural interests and mood of the children. They do things like baking, listening to music, and once (on a hot day) playing under the sprinkler in the backyard. A smaller group of children is really great to unwind a bit after a busy kindy morning, and I especially like having the two age groups mix together in the afternoons. All the teachers at DNMK are amazing and this is no exception for Wattlebirds – energetic, engaged, and very caring.” Elizabeth

“Our family is in our 3rd year in a row of using the Wattlebirds program and it is a lifesaver…it has made my kids feel special even though both parents work full time. The care provided is top notch and the activities on offer for the kids better than I can manage! The social aspect of the group is diverse with the mixture of age groups. Wattlebirds allows for older kids to feel like ‘big’ kids and young ones to ‘model’ behaviour of older children.” Ange

“The Extended Care Program is a wonderful service that complements the sessional program. Our 3 year old adjusted to Kindergarten life well and I believe the ECP really assisted this. The teachers are wonderful and she thoroughly enjoys the extra craft activities on offer and outdoor games, especially what’s the time Mr Wolf?! I would highly recommend the Extended Care Program.” Sarah